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2012 New Year's Eve poem
by The Hippy Coyote

New Year's Eve, 2012.
Coyote has been performing in a Pacific Beach cafe since 2:00 p.m. His voice is hoarse, the Polish owner has fed him a unique pickled dinner of Poland.

"What I really liked were the blueberry muffins," says Coyote with a wink. Coyote performed on his Marshall amp, then blew a fuse... then another fuse... so he performed "Bouree" by Jethro Tull on his flute, then performed "Great Salt Lake," which brought the neighbors out on their balconeys... then Coyote started playing drums... and played drums... several hours later Coyote was playing drums...

Here's the poem he wrote in Mario's Guestbook.

New Year's Eve 2012
Still without a home to dwell
Came to San Diego looking for Heaven
Found a place that ended in double-L

Shoveling dirt, pushing a broom
Sleeping on the floor in my dad's living room
No music in my life -- just divorced my wife
Gotta get back to living -- with less strife

Then Bob called me up -- just last night
He found my Tai Chi on my Buddha Kung Fu website
Then he picked up my amp and Fender guitar
And brought me here in his little white car

We played together in 1967
Now we're here -- playing again -- in Mario's Heaven
Thank you Mario for your cafe in the clouds
I've enjoyed serenading your neighbors -- without playing my Marshall too loud
Thanks again for my best San Diego day this year
Mario's Heaven has HEAVENLY CHEER.

by The Hippy Coyote



New Style of Lyric Ebook

In 2011 Coyote invented a new ebook format for lyric and music books.

"The trick," explains Coyote, "is to use the underscores instead of spaces between the guitar chords positioned over the lyrics. In the various new digital book formats, like Nook, and Kindle, this is the only way to maintain a relationship between the chords and lyrics."




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